The idea for MySizeID is the brainchild of the company’s founders. While shopping online for clothes, they were frustrated with the “hit or miss” fit of different brands, and this frustration was augmented by the return process. A serial entrepreneur, Ronen and his colleague reasoned that returns to retailers are a costly part of their business model, and upon looking at the problem from both sides, inspiration struck!


Consumers are spending more time online, due to the growth of tablets and smartphones, and as a result, ecommerce is expected to increase 13% to $262 billion this year, according to market research firm Forrester. This growth is expected to reach $370 billion in sales by 2017. At the same time, retailers increasing their investment in online sales divisions, enabling customers to research purchases, find stores and to find the best prices available and make purchases.

Comparing products and finding the right price are important for buying products like electronics or furniture, but the “grey area” in this dynamic, symbiotic commerce relationship is online clothing shopping, particularly, getting the size and fit that are right when choosing from thousands of online retailers and their manufacturers.


MySizeID is a win-win solution for online consumers and retailers. MySizeID lets consumers create a secure, online profile of their personal measurements, which can then be utilized with partnered online retailers to ensure that no matter the manufacturer or size chart, they will always get the right fit. For online retailers, MySizeID offers a solution that can significantly reduce returns from online purchases, which will in turn, increase margins and ultimately result in higher brand loyalty.

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